Brave MX

Discover why we are the trusted choice across the metering service providers in Australia.

Our sophisticated suite of products, together with our excellent service, provides you with all the cover that you need. Protect your bottom line with Brave MX, the only Australian energy metering software product range dedicated to resolving revenue leakage long-term.

The whole product range

Dive into the MX suite

MX Gateway

Automate friction points

MX Gateway empowers you to manage complex regulatory requirements and mitigate risks while gaining efficiency and customer satisfaction by automating mandatory and critical market processes.

MX Billing

Increase your billing speed and accuracy

Designed for the unique challenges faced by Australian energy metering service providers, our powerful billing engine helps you stay flexible in a changing market and supported as your business grows.

MX Meter Data

Have certainty processing core data

In such a heavily data-driven world, we know that you are reliant on correct data in order to both remain compliant and serve your customers.

MX Standing Data

Create data confidence

With complex integrated systems, standing data can easily become out of sync, causing hundreds of hours of rework and putting you at regulatory risk.

MX Protect

Protect your bottom line

Processes that produce energy consumption invoices are complex – often with many interdependencies. It is almost impossible, even in the most mature of businesses, to avoid processing exceptions. MX Protect changes that.

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