We develop software solutions exclusively designed for the Australian energy sector. This includes a range of products to enable energy market integration and billing for utilities including retail, metering, distribution and transmission participants.


In 2020 Brave celebrated its 15th year in business. We were, in 2005, and still are today, about making lives easier for those in the Australian energy market who work so hard to meet growing business and consumer demands.

We offer a range of products and services from billing, data management, compliance, automation and revenue assurance solutions through to complete end-to-end systems for Australian Retailers, Metering Services and Distribution Businesses.


Our key focus is on billing accuracy, revenue protection, market compliance and customer experience through improved automation efficiency.

Unlike our global competitors we are content to maintain our niche focus and proudly specialise exclusively in the Australian energy market.

We are Australian made and our whole team is right here in Melbourne, Australia. Our customers constantly tell us how much they value our breadth and depth of local industry knowledge, team member availability and ease of engagement when it comes to developing, delivering and upgrading their software solutions.

Yes, we offer SaaS solutions across retail, metering, distribution and transmission.

Yes. Our solutions are deployed in Bravecloud, a Microsoft Azure Cloud regions within Australia.

 Yes. Our managed services team can further reduce your cost-to-serve by providing back office services and support. This service is included across retail billing, distribution billing, metering billing and revenue protection.

Yes.  We can provide specialised consulting in Australian energy market systems. Given the complexities of a highly regulated market and the associated business processes, our customers often engage us to assist with future planning.


We are also commonly engaged by new energy retailer participants looking to enter the Australian market.

We develop our solutions in Microsoft C#.

All Brave staff are located either at our offices in Mt Waverley, Victoria, Australia or working from home with full availability for our customers.

 Our standard support hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm AEST (Melbourne).

Yes. Our energy billing platforms supports all the complexities of commercial and industrial (C&I) billing as well as mass-market or residential billing.

Yes. Brave Gateway is fully compliant for aseXML and also brings other unique features that further protects energy participants from regulatory change.

Yes. Brave Gateway works with the gas market ebXML format.

Yes.  Our CATS and B2B modules fully support all of the processes mandated by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

Yes. Our system architecture is modular by design and can be delivered as a complete solution or as discrete stand-alone components to fit a particular participant, business or market segment requirement.

Yes. Brave supports electricity and gas markets in all Australian jurisdictions.

Brave software supports electricity and gas markets in all Australian jurisdictions including Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia out-of-the-box. 


Please call us for more details on our support for Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Yes. We provide a comprehensive set of services and APIs to enable easy integration and data sharing with other applications and cloud services through a wide variety of connection protocols including: RESTful APIs, FTP, Azure Queue, HTTPS etc.

We support Australian energy retailers (mass-market, SME and commercial & industrial (C&I), distribution and transmission businesses (networks) and metering businesses.

Yes.  Our Brave Standing Data solution covers all the functionality required for market standing data for both electricity and gas.

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