5 Verified Reasons Australian Energy Participants Should Shift To Cloud | Bravecloud™

Cloud computing is here to stay. Revolutionise your business with Bravecloud™ and operate in high efficiencies while being environmentally responsible. Learn more about the positive attributes of running on the cloud and how to eliminate some of the industry pressures around carbon footprint reduction initiatives What Is Cloud Computing? In simple terms, cloud computing is the delivery […]

Major reforms to the Energy Retail Code set to impact Victorian retailers

Key Changes From 1 July 2019, you, as a Victorian energy retailer, will be obliged to*: • tell customers whether they’re on your best generally available energy plan and how much they could save by switching to that plan (best offer message), at least quarterly for electricity bills and at least every 4 months for […]

The importance of strategic partnerships for Retailers in the Australian Energy Market.

4 tips when choosing your partner. In order to ensure a successful partnership, utilities should consider the following: Examine what complementary skills and services each partner possesses and what the collaboration will be able to achieve Look for common values and a shared vision Clearly define the objectives, goals and purpose of the partnership Check […]

Utilities forced to strengthen data management systems

Subject to an increasing number of rules and regulations, and a proliferation of data from the roll-out of smart meters across Australia’s eastern states, utilities are being forced to strengthen their data management systems and processes to avoid costly penalties — and even more catastrophic outcomes. Data integrity threatened by under-management Effective data management is […]

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