Cloud computing is here to stay. Revolutionise your business with Bravecloud™ and operate in high efficiencies while being environmentally responsible. Learn more about the positive attributes of running on the cloud and how to eliminate some of the industry pressures around carbon footprint reduction initiatives

What Is Cloud Computing?

  • In simple terms, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services such as databases, servers, software, storage, etc., over the internet i.e., the cloud. (Source: Azure)
  • Google docs is an example of cloud computing.

How Can Cloud Computing Benefit Your Company?
When your business goes cloud, your loads will be distributed in the server infrastructure that you share with other organizations. The cloud providers optimize the hardware needs of the data centre resulting in higher efficiencies for your business.

Chart-topping Benefits Of Cloud Computing To Consumers

  • No upfront costs. Alleviates the need to purchase hardware, repair and maintenance.
  • Easily acquirable resources at a nominal rate from the cloud service provider.
  • Instant adoption. Less time waiting for installations and spending more time in revenue-generating activities.
  • Low power consumption. Cloud consumes significantly less power in comparison to the traditional on-premise setup.
  • And if you are wondering how the cloud reduces the IT cost, with a cloud setup you are required to pay only your service provider. This avoids the need to invest money in hiring staff.

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Moving to the Cloud

1. The Key Benefit Of Cloud Computing

Yes, cloud computing is the most inexpensive way to run a business. It comes packed with benefits, promising increased levels of efficiency, flexibility and cost savings. Although there is one overlooked factor. Do you know what it is?

Environmental friendliness in business operations. Cloud computing – an initiative to Go Green.

In recent years, an increasing number of companies are making the switch from traditional servers to the cloud. This supports the usage of renewable energy, which means a decrease in the carbon footprint and emissions. The best part is cloud computing facilitates companies to run more efficiently while expending on minimal resources.

2. Some Interesting Insights
The reason cloud computing is environmentally friendly is that companies running on the cloud release less carbon into the air (reduced by 88%). Also, they use up 77% fewer servers and 84% less power than the on-premise setup. (Source: Business2Community)

The rise of SaaS applications has moved everything to be accessible over the internet, from the services to the software. One can easily install software, access, edit and store information, do everything digitally. Thus going green and cutting back on paperwork at a significant rate.

3. Cloud Data Centers Run On Renewable Energy
Cloud computing supports a sustainable strategy for the environment by utilizing renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.

Also, it’s fascinating to know that cloud data centres are far more efficient as opposed to the on-premise data centres running on fossil fuels. So leveraging green energy seems to be the best option not just for the environment, but also to run your business optimally.

4. Shared Data Centres Support Peak Operating Efficiency
It’s worth noting that SMEs use only 5-10% of space on the cloud server. Hence multiple companies could run on public cloud servers and operate efficiently. This calls for fewer equipment and resources. Scalability is the driving force behind shared data centres.

5. Cloud Computing Makes Remote Work Possible And Aids In Environmental Conservation
Saving the last for the best. The pandemic has pushed businesses all over the world to go digital. The virtual workspace has become the new normal.

This major shift has opened up a plethora of opportunities and saved up the exhausting commute time. Now with just an internet connection and a laptop, employees can work more productively, and stay connected with their teams and your customers.

The indirect effect of decreased automobile emissions, fewer investments in office space and resources, and getting more work done are a few of the many benefits of cloud computing.

Some of the tech giants providing cloud computing services are serving as great examples of this green initiative – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Bravecloud™ – The New CRM For Your Standing Data
Your operational systems allow you to view limited standing data. There is a serious risk of poor data quality too.

Solution? Bravecloud – an Australian-focused set of software solutions designed by Brave Energy Systems to support the electricity and gas sector. You can access reports, an all-in-one dashboard providing real-time data.

What’s in it for your business?

  • Holistic view of the market
  • Reduced data errors
  • Access to valuable analytics to make informed decisions
  • Actionable insights
  • Historical data

Our cloud-based solution offers seamless integration with your systems for further analysis.

Lower expenses, reconcile errors and gain market insights on competitors with our improved solution. With Bravecloud™ by your side, transactions will no longer be a headache.

Looking for innovative cloud solutions to up your business? We have got a free 30-day demo of our Standing Data Management software for you. Head to our solutions page on our website today and learn more about how to improve your operational processes through our SaaS solutions and new Bravecloud™ platform.

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