NX Standing Data

Standing data errors plague our industry.

With the primary focus of getting to the root cause and reconciling all discrepancies between your standing data and the market’s standing data, you can now correct errors before they impact critical operational processes.


Maintain true and accurate standing data across your entire system with this powerful, intuitive and user-friendly tool.


Bulk correction tools help you resolve discrepancies an conflicts fast.

Apply filters to any data source to reconcile a subset of the sites in the data.

On-demand reconciliation allows you to run ad hoc reconciliation on an as-need basis when you need to check a specific data set.

Continuous reconciliation monitor allows you to configure the system for regular, automatic reconciliations to provide continuous coverage.

Market participant view gives market participants a big picture view of market data using a ‘best record’ approach.

Organisation view allows for simplified reconciliation with (non-ring fenced) external office systems.

Create Data Confidence

NX Standing Data reconciles your stored NMI data with market data in real-time. Drive down costs with less time spent on rework, compliance issues and complaints, have peace of mind that your standing data is accurate and up-to-date while your team focuses on important tasks.

Significantly reduce operating costs
How many hours of employee time are wasted on standing data errors? With data reconciled for you, you can reallocate resources to value-add activities.
Increase billing accuracy and revenue certainty
When you’re confident in your data you can be confident in your billing function. Fewer complaints, less exception management, and far more accurate forecasting.
Predictability for confident decision-making
There are times you need to take decisive action. With up-to-date accurate data, you can make bold decisions with confidence.
Ease compliance pressure
Data errors often compound, leading to compliance and regulatory risk. Get the numbers right and you’ll spend less time fighting fires and covering your back.

How it works

NX Standing Data management is a reconciliation module that identifies NMI standing data discrepancies between two data sources. The software surfaces discrepancies make logical corrections and give you the tools you need to bring accuracy to your standing data.

#1 Connect

Our solutions connect with your existing system. During set-up, specify configuration access for local repository data stored in your system.

#2 Analyse

Choose a date range or ‘single point of time’ comparison for your data analysis.

#3 Resolve

The software corrects standing data, updating the stored data and associated applications.

#4 Store

Users can view a summary of data discrepancies and take appropriate action before saving changes to the database.

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