NX Meter Data

A clean consistent data store is crucial for compliance, billing and efficient operations.

How much are you spending on manually reprocessing patchy interval data? We know that you are reliant on consistent data in order to both remain compliant and operate your business effectively. 

NX Meter Data Store syncs metering interval data from external sources and provides threshold validation and data integrity substitutions to create a consistently clean data store optimised for downstream processes.


Automatically manages and tracks end-to-end delivery when responding to meter data requests.

Manual substitution allows for authorised users to edit interval read values.

Loader feature allows for the searching and viewing of the various states and reference information of loaded metered data files.

Variety of logs and searches to display and chart meter data such as processing state, information, errors and warnings of the execution of the jobs.

Meter read analysis allows for the viewing and analysis of meter data for a selected NMI or metering point for a selected period.

Validation rule search allows for the searching, viewing and maintenance of validation rules to be applied to metering points.

Have Certainty Processing Core Data.

NX Meter Data management is a central repository routinely handling millions of interval metered sites on mid-range servers and is market compliant for both the Australian electricity and gas markets. It loads and stores meter data from a variety of sources in a highly automated manner.

Automatically loaded and validated meter data notifications
Detect problems before they escalate. Reduce the costs of human error. Automatically detect anomalies and over threshold variations.
Reduce processing loads by running with our hard-won substitution rules
Cleaning data upstream reduces dramas and pressures down the line. Generate clean consistent source data that causes fewer headaches for you, customers and regulators. Available as scheduled or on-demand.

Metering data storage, versioning and archival improving processes with automation

Your raw metering data store is kept safely and securely. Versioning supports multiple loads covering identical time periods to be stored and composited towards creating a single source of truth backed by industry-grade storage and archival.
Let my systems to talk to your systems

There’s joy in watching two computer systems communicate and discuss success and failure. When a transaction has completed importing with or without errors and was received via the Gateway our systems can be configured to create the corresponding transaction acknowledgment to be sent back to the originating party.

How it works

NX Meter Data management is a reconciliation module that identifies gaps in your meter data and applies substitution rules to fill those gaps. 

The software compares incoming and stored data, applies rules for validation and stores multiple versions so you always have the correct latest reads.

#1 Recieve

Load large amounts of metering data to identify, configure and reprocess potential errors, create transaction acknowledgements as well as review and mark errors.

#2 Validate

Validate against current records and apply rules to determine how to categorise records. Configure metering alarms to trigger flagging and substitution.

#3 Store

This data is then available for other modules either on a scheduled basis or it can be requested.

#4 Substitute

Identify the severity of fragmented data, use multiple triggers for substitution. View results through the meter read analysis module.

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