NX Gateway

Improve Australian market processes despite their continued growth in complexity.

Our Gateway products empower you to manage complex regulatory requirements and mitigate risks while gaining efficiency and customer satisfaction by automating business processes. Master centralised and efficient data management with our intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, unparalleled automation and ability to connect across multiple data sources.


End-to-end processing of messages and associated transaction activities.

Configurable rules are used to internally route messages, transactions and acknowledgements.

Store XML messages with all key header and transaction details extracted.

Automatically identifies errors and sends notifications to stakeholders plus tracks receipt.

Easy navigation within the user interface along with a unique variety of search entry points.

Compliant gateway functions such as stop-box management and automatic resend.

Automate Friction Points.

With the fundamental purpose of ensuring market system data is successfully validated and delivered in line with your business rules and processes, NX Gateway enables your team to manage market data unlike ever before.

Reduce version upgrades and minimise spend
Automatic schema version translations mean you only need to upgrade when a major or core need is stipulated by AEMO.

Safeguards regulatory compliance

Utilising direct AEMO data, reliability and accuracy ensures data integrity is maintained across your entire system.

Automated and reliable transactions

Persistent and continual, eliminate the need for constant human interaction when managing the outcome of market messages.

Intuitive and putting you in control
Improve your delivery success with ease and certainty by leveraging task prioritisation, delivery audits and configuring transactions to suit your specific business needs.

How it works

Integrate market messages with ease. Take comfort knowing your market transactions are delivered with our unique workflows centred around reducing risk and maintaining data integrity.

#1 Plug In

Connects to your data transactions and the market system.

#2 Receive

Stores and maintains a repository of incoming, outgoing messages.

#3 Translate

Translates updated market message versions to suit your current version.

#4 Deliver

Delivers critical data messages to your team and the market.

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