NX Billing

A powerful billing engine that automates the entire meter-to-cash life cycle.

Improve and automate your number one business process, no matter how complex or dynamic the billing arrangements may be. Designed for the unique challenges of the utility sector, our powerful billing engine helps you stay flexible in a changing market and supports you as your business grows.


Product development configurations like tariffs, charges, products and offers that can be applied to multiple contracts.

Smart dunning automates your billing recovery process, and makes way for greater revenue and better cash flow.

AEMO compliant payment plans including plan calculator, payment history.

Inclusion of additional charges (eg. paper bill fee or other surcharges) or government concessions.

Customer invoicing from meter reads, at scale.

Powerful dispute resolution workflow allows you to search, simulate and manage treatment of disputed bills for faster closure.

Ensure consistent revenue payments.

A powerful network billing engine that supports the entire billing life cycle and detects revenue leakage due to inaccurate billing. Our billing software is designed to handle large volumes of data quickly and efficiently.

Increased revenue flow

Manage and track payments with specialist receipting and reporting.

Stand out from your competitors

There are times you need to take decisive action. With up-to-date accurate data, you can make decisions with confidence.

Single screen source of truth

No more switching between different screens as you can store and view all data in one central location.

How it works

Our meter data store collects bulk meter data and which is cleaned by our standing data management solution and synced here to our billing engine for improved billing accuracy. The billing engine syncs metering data at scale and assists you to efficiently perform crucial tasks.

#1 Sync

Retrieve clean reconciled meter data in bulk from our meter data store.

#2 Send

Easily bulk send invoices on time and as needed.

#3 Remind

Smart dunning chases outstanding accounts to improve cash flow reliability and simplify forecast planning.

#4 Investigate

Quickly search, tag, manage and validate data against possible discrepancies.

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