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Working with energy market data is hard work.
But what if you could make data smarter?
Bravecloud Standing Data Management is here to make data smarter. It connects synchronises with the market and can reconcile your data errors, all within a single cloud-based platform.

With Standing Data Management, your business can automate workflows and customer transitions. Not to mention ensure standing data is accurate and up to date.


Simplify complex energy transactions and use data to your advantage.

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Connect to
AEMO market data


Gateway feature connects to other providers

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Use data to trigger
automated workflows

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Multiple integrations

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Bravecloud Standing Data Management will transform how your business operates.

Put us to the test, start a no-obligation 30-day trial.

Simply create your account and try Standing Data Management out.

Once you’re set up you’ll have access to a range of features:

Search and view standing data

Review and correct conflicting data 

Store and maintain accurate repository data

Access a variety of views to suit participant role types

Why Bravecloud?

Flexible software architecture

Our software architecture is designed to silo specific rules engines. This means in the event of regulatory change, or changes to workflows, you’ll only need to update impacted elements.

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Accurate data and revenue protection 

Automated reconciliation running in the background eliminates root causes of data errors before they run downstream and impact operations such as billing and invoicing.

Move on from on-premise

Our efficient data processing means everything can be run through the cloud at a commitment of 99.9% uptime. Forget about hosting your data on-premise, and the risk of outages and expensive upgrades.

Locally developed

Made right here in Melbourne, Bravecloud is designed for the Australian market. Meaning you’ll never have to retrofit, or heavily customise software like out-of-the-box software, for a more stable experience, and less maintenance

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Join some of Australia’s leading energy participants using Standing Data Management to reduce operational costs and improve their bottom line.

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