Ongoing Regulatory Changes Disrupting Growth In The Australian Energy Sector

Changing energy rules There are several bodies that change market rules. Of these, the AEMC is a key organisation that makes and amends the National Energy Rules under the National Energy Laws. These rules and the amendments impact how market participants can operate in the industry and retail sectors. Energy ministers that are responsible for […]

Best Offer regulation changes – how ready are you?

Get ready. Best offer regulation goes live this July. Victorian retailers are just months away from changes to the Victorian Retail Code going live, specifically, the requirement to now display the best available offer on customer bills. Unsure of where you should be, in order to go live in July? We’ve developed a timeline to […]

Are your systems ready for the pile-up of 5-minute settlement data?

Why five-minute settlement? The National Electricity Market (NEM) operates as a gross pool market, where all electricity delivered to the market is traded 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) manages trading in the NEM, according to trading rules governed by the National Electricity Rules. AEMO dispatches electricity every […]

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