Standing Data Repository.

View and query MSATS data with ease.

Standing Data Respository provides a local copy of the MSATS database with a user-friendly interface for viewing and querying MSATS standing data

It supports the MSATS history model to enable “as at” reporting, with maintenance of the standing data via market messages.

Our Standing Data Repository provides a far greater level of detail than the MSATS browser and its ease-of-use offers significant productivity gains in this area.

For Metering Services, Standing Data Repository provides an operational standing data store as well as a local copy of the MSATS database.

  • Full integration with AEMO gas and electricity market standards
  • Real-time automatic updates via market transactions, providing full audit capability and reprocessing functionality
  • Flexible comparison functionality to ensure accurate synchronisation with market data
  • Data versioning showing record update and effective change dates
  • Intuitive user interface with colour-coding for data updates
  • Search functionality across market identifier, address, jurisdiction and data modification attributes
  • Seamless integration with our Gateway and Market Interface Layer applications
  • Open data structures allow integration with meter data stores, billing and CRM applications
  • Import external standing data to enable reconciliation
  • Tasks functionality to allow you to schedule and escalate data quality tasks

Increase operational confidence

Improve decision-making with higher predictability and more accurate forecasting.

Decrease risk

Reduce privacy threats, information integration issues and, importantly, eliminate regulatory or legislative infringements