Standing Data Reconciliation.

Verify that the data stored in your system is consistent.

In Retail and Distribution environments this ensures that standing data for billing is consistent with current market standing data.

In the Metering Services environment this ensures that updates for the market are identified.

During the standing data reconciliation process, discrepancies are recorded and prioritized for investigation.

  • Automated processing of standard AEMO snapshot data reports
  • Prioritisation reports highlight high-impact data discrepancies
  • Reconciles standing data from any internal data set to current market reports
  • Tasks functionality to allow users to schedule and escalate data quality tasks
  • Reconcile imported external standing data with our real-time source

Increase operational confidence

Improve decision-making with higher predictability and more accurate forecasting.

Decrease risk

Reduce privacy threats, information integration issues and, importantly, eliminate regulatory or legislative infringements