Network Reconciliation.

Accurately reconcile your network costs using independent data validation.

With increasing pressure on retailers to reduce their operating costs, Network Reconciliation represents a tangible way of realising savings through an independent and automated process.

Network Reconciliation is a powerful tool designed to automatically reconcile network invoices against an independent set of data sources.

Network invoices are often large in value, complex in nature and can require a high degree of validation and vetting prior to being accepted. In fact, Network Use of System (NUoS) costs typically represent up to 50% of the total costs included in a retail bill.

  • Automated processing of files and reconciliation to reduce manual handling
  • Recalculation of network charges based on independent meter data, market data and network tariff sources to provide accurate reconciliation results
  • Reconciliation is triggered by events such as new invoice files, meter data updates and market data changes
  • Integrated tasks and user friendly workflow functionality
  • Management reporting and reconciliation analyser tools
  • Users can set tolerances, priorities and preferences for each test to ensure that only relevant charges are investigated

Reduced cost-to-serve

Automated processing of files and reconciliation to reduce manual handling.

Improve financial performance

Improve financial performance by only releasing payments based on validated and subsequently accurate invoices

Safeguards regulatory compliance

Reliability and accuracy ensures data integrity is maintained when performing all functions

Suits your business

High degree of flexibility, integration and configuration with your operations and current IT system


A 2-staged approach that compares data to AEMO snapshots and logical testing workflows with integrated systems

Simple To Use

Dashboard reporting tool reflects reconciliation progress, dispute totals, remittance amounts and dispute tracking