Network Invoice Management.

Automation and accuracy for Distributors when managing their invoices.

A powerful tool, Network Invoice Management is designed to manage the business-to-business processes between Distributors and Retailers when billing and managing corresponding dispute and remittance functions.

Automatically issuing network invoices and managing dispute and remittance files improves both accuracy and efficiency of the business.

  • Task functionality and user friendly workflow functionality
  • Management reporting and reconciliation analyser tools
  • Ability to set tolerances, priorities and preferences for each test to ensure that only relevant charges are investigated.
  • Integrates with our Distribution Billing, Standing Data Management and Meter Data Management
  • System products to ensure your have immediate access to accurate and up-to-date data for investigation purpose

Reduced cost-to-serve

Highly automated , invoices are generated without user involvement

Increased visibility

Easily view the management of the process of issuing invoices, receiving payment and managing network invoice disputes

Suits your business


High degree of flexibility, integration and configuration with your operations and current IT system

Increased revenue flow

Automated and efficient reconciliation progress, dispute totals, remittance amounts and dispute tracking