Meter Data Provision.

Publishing meter data to market participants and MSATS, whilst ensuring compliance obligations are met.

Meter Data Provision is primarily an automated process that collects and validates information from live meters, before delivering to the appropriate business.

Not only does this product eliminate manual workflows, it fulfills the accreditation and compliance obligations held by Metering Service Providers when responding to meter data requests from market participants.

  • Automatically manages and tracks end-to-end delivery when responding to meter data requests
  • Includes required procedures such as ‘role changes’ and ‘meter churn’ to meet market regulations
  • Ability to add any new participant requiring data
  • Variety of logs and searches to display and chart meter data

Reduced cost-to-serve

Highly automated, minimising costs regarding day-to-day operations

Safeguards regulatory compliance

Reliability and accuracy ensures data integrity is maintained when performing all functions

Suits your business

High degree of flexibility, integration and configuration with your operations and current IT system

Increased revenue flow

Greater efficiencies that improve your operational costs