Brave Meter Data Management.

Effectively manage extremely high volumes of data whilst remaining highly functional.

Brave Meter Data Management routinely handles millions of interval metered sites on mid-range servers and is market compliant for both the Australian electricity and gas markets.

Meter data notifications are automatically loaded and validated as they are received from the market. This data is then available for other modules either on a scheduled basis or it can be requested. Brave Meter Data Management integrates with the our Market Integration Layer, allowing pre-loading of NEM data for multi-millions of meters in a relatively short amount of time.

For Metering Services, Meter Data Management can be integrated to Head End systems to receive metering data and perform market required validations and substitutions.

If an alternate meter data solution has already been implemented, interfaces can be developed to ensure that this existing meter data solution is market compliant and that it can be used within the Brave product suite.

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