Gateway and MIL.

Automating all aspects of delivery, receipt and processing of messages exchanged between the market and market participants.

The Market Integration Layer (MIL) is responsible for receiving all aseXML messages from AEMO and sending them to the required areas of your business.

With a direct connection to AEMO, Market Integration Layer is at the heart and soul of key business functions such as Invoicing, Billing, Data Reconciliation and other vital programs where AEMO data is fundamental to your revenue stream.

Market Integration Layer brings 100% accuracy to ensure regulatory compliance and the flow on effect into your business is based correct data.

It is highly automated and intelligent, eliminating the need for human interaction when managing the lifecycle of AEMO messages.

  • End-to-end processing of messages and associated transaction activities
  • Messages, transactions and acknowledgements are routed to relevant IT modules within the business using configurable rules
  • AseXML messages are stored, with all key header and transaction details extracted
  • Accesses data from AEMO archive or your current gateway system
  • Automatically identifies errors, sends notifications to stakeholders and tracks receipt (or lack of)
  • Easy navigation within the user interface along with a unique variety of search entry points
  • Compliant gateway functions such as stop-box management and automatic resend
  • Clean-up and archiving
  • Supports all versions of aseXML including gas-specific versions

Reduced cost-to-serve

Highly automated outputs, meaning no requirement for general business users to operate within this module

Safeguards regulatory compliance

Utilising direct AEMO data, reliability and accuracy ensures data integrity is maintained across your entire IT system

Increased revenue flow

Data is utilised to improve invoicing, billing and reconcilitation

Suits your business

High degree of flexibility, integration and configuration including integration with current gateway so that it is not impacted

Evolves with market changes

Easily configurable for compliance with future market changes

Single source of truth

No more switching between different screens as you can store and view all data in one central location.