Energy Portal.

Empower your consumers with an intuitive web portal.

In the competitive energy market successful participants seek innovative products to give them an edge.  The Energy Portal delivers an interactive web portal designed to enhance the capacity for a company to connect with, and empower, its customers.

Increasingly, consumers want immediate access to their energy usage information. Deliver energy usage information along with environmental impact information, e-billing options and customer service portal to to your customers with the Energy Portal.

  • Manage account details and electricity supply contact details
  • Receive and pay retail electricity bills
  • Set targets and let the portal track your progress against this target
  • View all usage data at different levels of aggregation. Compare yearly, monthly, weekly and daily usage and even export it for offline purposes
  • View electricity invoice amounts for any given period
  • View environmental impact information

Reduced cost-to-serve

Reduce time allocated to producing automated information for your customers.

Customer satisfaction

Improve the customer experience and gain long term advocacy