Bravo Distribution.

Bravo Distribution is a comprehensive and modular solution that is both flexible and highly automated.

It allows Australian energy distributors to improve their day-to-day operations through greater efficiencies and automation in a highly complex market.

  • Efficiently manage high volumes of data
  • Automatic management of data from interval metered sites
  • Ability to quickly pre-load National Electricity Market (NEM) data for millions of meters
  • Automatic load, store, validation and substitution of data as it is received
  • Real time identification and analysis of missing meter reads
  • Integration with alternative data solutions
  • Detailed standing data maintenance
  • Automatic query of data compared to MSATS copy
  • Advanced replication, repository and reconciliation including MSATS verification
  • Real time identification of missing or erroneous reads
  • In-built Service Level Agreements
  • End-to-end billing processes
  • Meter reads, invoicing and tariff management
  • Management of billing and remittance
  • Automatic issue of invoices
  • Management of remittance files
  • Customer relationship management
  • Gateway function that handles all aspects of delivery and receipt of market messages (aseXML compliant)
  • Centralised engine for the creation and processing of messages
  • Flexible business logic layer to quickly comply with market changes
  • Send and monitor complex B2B and B2M transactions
  • Exception reporting
  • Trigger market transactions automatically or manually
  • Automatic coordination of service order lifecycle processes
  • Receive, validate and respond to service order requests
  • Manage service order cancellations and replacements
  • Automatic work order creation
  • Standing data updates are automatically identified and processed after completed work order
  • Automatic B2B retailer responses and notifications to billing system regarding invoice requirements

With a team of 30 dedicated professionals, our Managed Services team know operations of the Bravo Distribution solution unlike any other.

Dedicated to managing the day-to-day responsibilities and functions of Bravo Distribution, our team act as a strategic partner for improving your operations and reducing expenses.

Reduced cost-to-serve

Automation of routine processes 


All functions are market compliant to ensure your obligations are met

Increased Revenue Flow

Data integrity eliminates costly errors

Suits Your Business

High degree of flexibility, integration and configuration

Reduced Exceptions

Workflows and data management both reduces exceptions and makes the tracking of exceptions highly manageable

Single Source of Truth

No more switching between different screens as you can store and view all data in one central location.

Learn more about the products that make up the Bravo Distribution solution

B2B & B2M
Meter Data Store
Missing Reads Monitor
Service Order Management
Gateway & MIL
Meter Data Provision
Standing Data Management
Market Synchronisation
Distribution Billing
Network Invoice Management
Standing Data Reconciliation