Brave Standing Data Management.

Operational efficiency and billing accuracy starts here.

Brave Standing Data Management incorporates advanced replication, repository and reconciliation modules that are utilised to efficiently maintain accurate operational data, local MSATS or other standing data stores as required.

The products within Standing Data Management provide market participants with rapid access to accurate market data, updated in real-time, which can be accessed across the organization and regularly reconciled to a central market repository.

Standing Data Management is central to the operation of energy markets. Huge volumes of data are held centrally by market operators and provide the mechanism for the transfer, metering and settlements of contestable energy supplies. Having easy access to accurate, up-to-date market data is vital for any utility business.

Increase operational confidence

Improve decision-making with higher predictability and more accurate forecasting.

Decrease risk

Reduce privacy threats, information integration issues and, importantly, eliminate regulatory or legislative infringements

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Standing Data Reconciliation
Standing Data Repository