Brave Revenue Assurance.

Highly automated and one of the most reliable revenue protectors in the market, Revenue Assurance is must-have for Australian energy retailers.

Find your missing revenue and improve your customer satisfaction with this easy-to-integrate solution that works seamlessly in the background to generate you the right income in order to pay the right people.

Being a retailer in the National Electricity Market (NEM) comes with a variety of challenges. With the responsibility of collecting revenue in order to pay market participants such as generators, distributors and meter data agents, retailers cannot afford to fall short on monies owed.

Occurring a number of ways such as incorrect billing information or incorrect meter data, leaky revenue has an enormous impact on a retailer’s bottom line.

We are the only Australian software company to have created a suite of products that work to minimise revenue leakage by first detected the leakage and then methodically correcting any data errors.


Improved data accuracy

Customer loyalty

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Greater efficiencies

Reduce business costs with automation and accuracy

Improved bottom line

Find and resolve your revenue leakage

Reduced escalation

Lower industry ombudsman involvement due to early identification of errors or issues

Differentiate from your competitors

System flexibility allows you to provide innovative and desirable billing solutions to your customers.

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