Brave Billing.

A powerful billing engine that automates the entire meter-to-cash lifecycle.

Brave Billing is designed with all the features (and more) required for billing in the Australian market.

Meter data is vital when it comes to correct billing and great customer service.

Some of our automated metering features include:

  • Retrieves meter reads and market data from central stores
  • Processes interval data in an advanced metering environment
  • Missing reads monitored and processes
  • Stores data in one central location that remains constantly up-to-date

Bill and invoice creation, search, simulation and distribution has never been easier with Brave Billing.

Some of our automated features include:

  • Generation of customer invoices from meter reads
  • Manages the dunning processes for all open bills
  • Configurable charges, tariffs, products and offers that can be applied to multiple contracts
  • Inclusion of additional charges (eg. paper bill fee or other surcharges) or government concessions
  • Separate run of bill batches and invoices
  • Failed bill identification generated and resolved prior to customer issue
  • AEMO compliant payment plans including plan calculator and payment history
  • General ledger management with user-defined GL codes
  • Dispute and collections management

The contract management function allows you to control what product offers will be applied to a given customer. Automated features include:

  • Onboarding of new customers
  • Automatic or manual contract applications
  • Specification of contract-specific rates for commercial and industrial customers
  • Default options upon contract expiry such as a no-fixed term
  • Contract novation, including customer change of trading name or novating their contract to another party
  • Identification of Buying Group Customers and Green Energy Customers
  • Unbundled billing
  • Late payment charges

Quickly model tariffs for use by customers with interval-metered, basic-metered or unmetered connections.

Some of the features that enable limitless possibilities for creating innovative retail products include:

  • Rate management, including application of different rates throughout periods of the year
  • Application of fixed or standing tariffs in addition to time or demand based tariffs
  • Spot priced tariffs that can include a retail margin for each interval
  • Development of sophisticated time-of-use management such as working days, non-working days (including public holidays)
  • Ability to exempt GST with taxable and non-taxable tariffs
  • Merchant fees and non-billable items added to specific accounts
  • Adjustment of time-block tariffs to support daylight savings and time zones

With a team of 30 dedicated professionals, our Managed Services team know operations of the Brave Billing solution unlike any other. 

Dedicated to managing the day-to-day responsibilities and functions of Brave Billing, our team act as a strategic partner for improving your operations and reducing expenses.


Reduced cost-to-serve

Automation of routine processes, including exception management.

Improved customer satisfaction

Accuracy of data and flexibility of account structures leaves less room for error and brings greater customer loyalty.

Increased revenue flow

Manage and track customer payments with specialist receipting and reporting.

Suits your business

High degree of flexibility, integration and configuration of charges and tariffs

Differentiate from your competitors

System flexibility allows you to provide innovative and desirable billing solutions to your customers.

Single source of truth

No more switching between different screens as you can store and view all data in one central location.