Bill Reconciliation.

Reconcile your energy consumption costs using independent data validation to ensure billing is accurate and revenue is maximised.

Bill Reconciliation logically tests retail bills utilising verified market data to ensure the accuracy of bills and to confirm that invoices are produced for all energy consumed

Processes that produce energy consumption invoices are complex – often with many interdependencies. It is almost impossible, even in the most mature of businesses to avoid processing exceptions. Reducing and managing those exceptions is the key as bill errors can result in a range of negative impacts including loss of revenue, brand reputation damage, Energy Ombudsman complaints and associated costs, unsatisfied customers and higher churn.

Bill Reconciliation is a proven revenue assurance tool designed to identify areas of revenue leakage or overcharging.

  • Integrated to AEMO (gas and electricity) market databases to ensure accurate and up-to-date data is used in reconciliations
  • Automated processing of files and reconciliation to reduce manual handling
  • User configurable reconciliation test models
  • An interface that is simple and easy to use and does not require technical knowledge
  • Integrated tasks and user workflow functionality
  • Management reporting and reconciliation analyser tools
  • Powerful reporting tool and dashboards to show reconciliation progress, team efficiency and average handling time.
  • Fast reconciliation that can be carried out while billing systems are in operational use

Reduced cost-to-serve

Increased efficiencies by minimizing manual reconciliation processes

Improve financial performance

Improve bottom-line performance by preventing revenue leakage

Customer advocacy

Improved bill quality is a driver for prompt payment, improving brand loyalty and decreasing Ombudsman involvement

Suits your business

High degree of flexibility, integration and configuration with your operations and current IT system

Long-term business improvements

Drives accuracy and quality improvements over time by addressing root cause issues identified

Simple To Use

Dashboard reporting tool reflects reconciliation progress, dispute totals, remittance amounts and dispute tracking