Best Offer Calculator.

Automatically calculate your best available offers.

Easily produce electricity and gas bills in line with the new Best Offer regulation.

As of 1 July 2019, the Essential Services Commission requires Victorian energy retailers to include a ‘Best Offer’ message on their (minimum) quarterly energy bill to customers. The message needs to include information on whether that specific customer is on the best available energy plan and how much they could save by switching plans. Failure to comply after 1 July could put your organisation at risk of breaching the Victorian Retail Licence Conditions.

To support your business during these changes, Brave has a solution that is an automated, cloud-based calculation engine that will ensure you remain fully compliant with these new regulations.

The Best Offer Calculator works by maintaining a database of all relevant standing and meter data, and performing highly intelligent, automated, analysis on this data to calculate the 12 month estimated billing totals for each energy plan that a customer may be eligible for. It will then identify the “Best Offer” and provide this information to your billing or invoice printing system.




Automated maintenance of standing data and meter data

Accurate and powerful calculation engine can handle all known retail tariffs

Can be used in Batch mode, for large numbers of meters at a time, or Ad Hoc mode, for single meters in real time

Data is directly obtained from MSATS for electricity NMIs and via routed XML transactions for gas

The service maintains a full audit history of all calculations performed, assisting retailers in satisfying audit requirements that are likely to be enforced by the regulators

How To Use

How To Use

Benefits Too Good To Ignore

Easy integration

Meet the regulatory requirements with minimum changes to your existing systems and process

Fully automated

Improve back-office efficiency by letting the Best Offer Calculator carry out over 90% of the work required, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of the business.

Unrivaled accuracy

Extreme accuracy on meter data across connecting systems, and standing data is fed from MSATS in real time

Increased profitability

There is no need to redesign your entire billing system, thanks to the software’s ability to run the process with high automation and intelligence

Get calculating today!