Metering Services

Bravo Metering Services provides a highly automated market compliant solution for operating a Metering Services business in the Australian Utilities market.


The Bravo Metering Services Solution is specifically designed to support the Meter Data Provider and Meter Provider market participant roles in a contestable metering market.

Each Bravo module can operate independently, be integrated with existing software and processes, or be combined with other Bravo modules to grow into a fully integrated platform. This gives the coverage of a large system with the flexibility of a modular application. Alternatively Bravo can be adapted to integrate with 3rd party software to provide a fully compliant market facing metering solution.

Bravo’s design is aimed at reducing the level of exceptions that need to be addressed by business users and to provide tracking mechanisms such as task management for managing those exceptions that do need to be addressed. Bravo’s new workflow capabilities enable it to automate existing business processes whilst still ensuring compliance with market rules when interacting with the market.