Bravo Retail is a comprehensive and modular solution that provides a high level of flexibility and automation, allowing a Retailer to offer an efficient and differentiated end to end service to retail customers.


Bravo Retail has been developed from the ground up to work seamlessly with the National Electricity Market (NEM) structures. Each Bravo module can operate independently, be integrated with existing software and processes, or be combined with other Bravo applications to grow into a fully integrated retail solution. Bravo Retail provides the coverage of a large system with the flexibility of a modular application. The modular nature of the software allows it to be easily customized for local markets, requiring only modifications to data loading interfaces while leaving the core application’s functionality unchanged.

Bravo’s design is aimed at reducing the level of exceptions that need to be addressed by business users and to provide tracking mechanisms such as task management for managing those that do. Bravo’s new workflow capabilities enable it to model existing business processes whilst still ensuring compliance with market rules when interacting with the market.